Three Simple Tips on Saving Money

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If you want to save money, you have to reduce your expense or increase your income to make extra money for saving. You should try these simple tips to reduce your expense.

1. Make your house become a comfortable house

To have a comfortable house to live, you could have to pay more money. It seems wrong when I say that you have to pay more money to have a comfortable house to save money. But if your house is comfortable enough, you may want to stay at home more frequently. The more times you stay at home, the less changes you spend your money. You have to pay for gasoline if you have a car, buy junk food along the street or buy something to drink. When you go out, you will see so many things that attract you and the change that your money will fly out of your wallet will increase. Besides, a comfortable house with a nice kitchen will help you cook by yourself well. Foods that made at home will cheaper and healthier than foods that you buy from the restaurant.

2. Use prepaid card instead of credit card and cash

If you use credit card, you may be trapped by the thinking that you can control your spending habit well. But finally, people who use credit cards always make debt when they meet things that they really love to and they will buy them by their credit cards. Then, they have to pay the debt including the interest. If you use a prepaid card, you cannot spend more than the amount of money that you have. You will not make any debt and you do not need to pay for interest of the debt.

If you use to using cash instead of electronic cards, you should try to use a prepaid card. When you withdraw money from the ATM, you will see the amount of money that available in your account, it will help you control your spending better than cash, because you will feel that you have enough money when cash are in your wallet but you do not know how much you have exactly.

3. Have a piggy bank

Have you ever put some pennies into a piggy bank and then you forgot it? If you forgot them, you will not use them. Keep money in your piggy bank is a good idea to save money. You can reduce the money that you pay for coffee or cigarettes to give for the piggy bank.

Those tips are very easy to practice, but it will help you save your money well. You should try it before you spend all your salary or make a debt.

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