Emotions! Can You Change Em?

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So, can you actually do it?

Can you change the way you feel?

Some say that you cannot.

They believe that negative emotions and emotional suffering are unavoidable!

It is just part of the human condition!

There is nothing you can do!

You are victim to these emotional states, positive or negative……

You have no control!

Well, I did an analysis of the entire situation and came up with some pretty interesting results!

Wow! Deep!

Okay, here we go……

What is an emotion in the purest sense?

In the most basic terms, an emotion is a form of energy inside of you.

Scientifically, that’s it!

It is an energy!

Now, it is important here to bring in a guest, the famous Albert Einstein (my personal idol) when we are getting into energy!

Well, Mr. Einstein taught us the conservation of energy, correct?

If you are not a science geek and are kind of lost right now, just bare with me for a moment! It comes together, I promise!

So, the conservation of energy states that energy is not created nor destroyed, it only changes form.

Very interesting……

That says something to me.

Think about it, emotions are an energy, that’s it!

Energy is not created or destroyed, it only changes form.


Putting these concepts together reveals some important info

If the laws of thermodynamics hold true, essentially, you should be able to change your emotional state.

You are able to do this because the emotions you are experiencing are merely an energy inside of you.

That energy is not going away – remember energy is not created or destroyed.

Therefore, there will forever be that energy inside of you!

You will always experience emotions!

But, what else does the first law of thermodynamics show us?

That energy can change form!

And, since emotions are just a form of energy……

You can choose to change your emotional experiences!

You can change that form of energy.

Now, armed with that info, let me as you this……

Why would you ever waste even another minute experiencing a negative emotion?

It is pointless, it can be changed.

Absolutely pointless!

Benefits you in no way whatsoever!


Lisa Kai Lee is a 30 year old wife living with her husband in the Los Angeles area. Lisa Kai Lee has a website www.lisakailee.com that is filled with useful information that you just might need to know someday! SMART TIPS FOR SMART PEOPLE  Visit and subscribe!!!


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