How to Use a George Foreman Grill

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Indoor grills are the best. You can get the great taste of grilling without worrying about cooking outside in the heat or getting rained on. The George Foreman grill is very versatile for what you can make on it. You really can use it for any meal of the day and cleanup is easy also. Here are some ideas for what to do with your family size George Foreman grill.


You can put almost anything on a tortilla, fold it over and grill it on a George Foreman grill. Take leftover chicken, steak or even taco meat and add vegetables and/or cheese. Put it on half of the tortilla, fold the tortilla over and close the grill lid. In just under four minutes, you have a tasty quesadilla!

Grilled sandwiches

From old-fashioned grilled cheese to a fancier grilled sandwich, grilling a sandwich on a George Foreman grill is a healthier way to have a heated sandwich. On the stove, a grilled cheese needs fat or butter in order to fry it. On the George Foreman grill you don’t need to add butter or fat. Use your imagination and any combination of ingredients to make a tasty grilled sandwich.

Outdoor food

Foods like burgers and hot dogs can be done easily on the indoor George Foreman grill. Some grills even have a bun warmer on top that keeps the buns warm and crisps them. From beef burgers to veggie burgers, the indoor grill does it all.

Steaks and chops

Steaks, london broil, boneless chicken breasts, pork chops, or just about any meats or even fish can be done on this grill. Clean up is easy. Any fat drips down into a fat collection tray. The food cooks evenly and you can prepare a side dish while the meat is grilling. You do not need to turn the meat because it cooks on both sides at the same time.


Whether it is regular bacon or turkey bacon, cooking it on the George Foreman grill helps to keep the mess to a minimum. Frying bacon on the stove means bacon fat has to be drained off. On the grill, the fat drains and the bacon cooks up crispier in less time.


You can grill marinated vegetables on the George Foreman grill. Unlike outdoor grilling, you do not need to worry about losing vegetables. Often outdoor grills allow vegetables to slip into the fire. The indoor grill cooks fast and without any lost vegetables.

Experiment with anything that you would normally fry or cook outdoors. The George Foreman grill will probably be used so often that you will keep it on your counter instead of storing it away.


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