Moving Forward With Your Life After a Painful Breakup

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Breaking up is hard to do but for some people, moving on with their lives is even harder. It is normal to feel sad when a relationship is over but you cannot allow yourself to be stuck in time. How to move on after a breakup when you feel that your world is over?

Have a personal pity party.

Cry, listen to “your” song, watch a tear-jerker, do whatever it takes to get the sad feelings out.

Get rid of reminders.

That stuffed animal that he won you at the boardwalk last summer, the framed picture taken at someones wedding, all the little “stuff” that reminds you of your ended romance needs to go into a shoebox or garbage bag and removed from sight.

Focus on yourself.

Go shopping for a new outfit, get a manicure or pedicure or just do something that makes you feel good. You deserve it and it should be about you right now.

Go out with friends.

Have fun with your friends as a single person. Avoid hooking up with anyone because rebound relationships can be hurtful.

Make plans for the future.

Focus on things that you want to do for you. It can open doors not only to better yourself but open doors to meeting new people.

Don’t beat yourself up.

If you still keep getting depressed about the break-up, allow yourself to work through the feelings but then promise yourself to move on. Have your cry or whatever you need to do and then find something to distract yourself.

Getting over a broken relationship can be painful and it can take time. Learn from it and resolve to move forward with your life.


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