Reasons Why You Should Join College Activities

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College is a transition period to adulthood. This is the time when you are living on your own with no parents around.  This is also the time when you are still figuring out what career path to take. The future is ahead of you and you are holding the steering wheel.  Most college activities involve interaction with your peers and mentors so there are many venues for you to meet people and deal with different personalities. It will expose you to a lot of life skills. In a way, college is a microcosm of the real world.

Joining clubs especially if they are related to your major will help you with your schoolwork. You will meet people with same interests as you and you can form study groups with them.  These people can give tips in studying especially if there are members who have enrolled ahead of you. You will also have an inside scoop in the future courses you are going to enroll like which professor is good and which minors are interesting.

Being involved in college activities usually includes fund-raising drive for charity and some community volunteerism. This will help you share your time and talents to others.  It is fulfilling when you realize that you can make a difference in other people’s lives with simple deeds. You can get experiencing but volunteering to a soup kitchen, tutor kids or even build houses. This builds character and adds confidence to your abilities. You will have a nice line on your resume and a good anecdote when you have a job interview.  

In a large campus, you will feel really feel alone but when you are part of college activities, you get to meet new friends. If you are a shy person, this is a step to find your place in the world. You will gradually overcome your shyness.  You will learn social skills you will never learn when are confined to the four walls of your dorm room.  It will help you feel less homesick when you are surrounded with new friends. You may even find lifelong friendships in college.  Having to network with a lot of people is valuable when you start searching for a job.

The bottom line is to enjoy your college experience. Learn as much as you can in the classroom and in the campus. College may involve a lot of studying but who says it can be fun, too.


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