The Secrets of Making Money With Penny Stocks – Part I

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If you want to make money and interested in trading stocks on a daily basis, a way to supplement your income and provide you with a little more money to spend is trading in penny stocks.

Following tips may be of help to you!   

1.     A recession is the absolute best time to invest in penny stocks.

2.      Discover a pattern in the stock market.

3.     Focus and develop a strategy to discover winning stocks with statistical similarities.

4.     Use the power of computation, statistics, and random processes to determine if winning stocks actually did follow an identifiable statistical pattern.

5.     Identify and pick the “breakout” penny stocks before they happen.

6.      Develop a unique strategy that would give your investment “an edge” in determining which stocks have the best probability for success.

7.     Determine a way to identify variable entry and exit points, designed to give the highest possible return on your investment.

8.     Analyze the 20 of the biggest winners over the previous year.

9.     After analyzing, identify 4 key variables that led to bullish trading patterns in 19 of the 20 stocks you analyzed.

10.                        Let the ratio of each of the 4 variables be virtually identical.

11.                        Discover any mathematical anomaly and use it to make money.

12.                        Analyze trading patterns, volume, resistance level, and any other identifiable factors to determine when a stock was about to experience a bullish trading pattern.

13.                        Discover the key to developing a method to identify winning stocks to know how the Psychological Support Level (PSL – an activity of human behavior when people sell stocks well below its actual worth) affected the 4 shared variables of the winning stocks.


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