An Outsider’s Guide to Memphis Restaurants: Top’s Bbq

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How I came to find Top’s:  My son and I occasionally go fishing at a local pond near our house.  One day, we were talking to a local who was catching fish after fish.  We got to talking about BBQ, and I asked him what places he recommended.  He told me Top’s BBQ.  Shortly after that, we had just finished with the Memphis Zoo (see my other post, “Family Things to Do in Memphis: Memphis Zoo,” for details & suggestions), and were looking for a place to eat.  We punched it into our GPS, and there was a Tops close enough to go to.

First impression—Since we were coming from the zoo, we went to a location in Memphis, although it’s a local chain.  There were signs about panhandlers, and it looked like a rough neighborhood.  However, there were nice cars parked there, so we parked our car so we could see it, and went inside.  It looked like a dive.  However, we saw a lot of people there in church clothes, and thought, “Hey, locals are eating here, why not?”

Food—We ordered the pulled pork sandwiches for my wife and me (bonus—you get two sides, which can include chips, fries, cole slaw, beans, or a couple of other items.  I got pork rinds with mine—Yum!).  Beans, fries, and slaw are all great.  The pulled pork was the best sandwich I’ve ever had, bar none.  We didn’t even have sauce to go with it—you don’t need any.  The staff was blue-collar but very friendly—they really helped us entertain the kids & catered to them.  Don’t expect any spit & polish, but if you’re looking for great BBQ, look no further than Top’s.


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