An Outsider’s Guide to Memphis Restaurants: Chapultepec

How I came to find Chapultepec—Chapultepec is located in the same strip mall as the Germantown county clerk’s office, just off Exeter Road.  It looked like the kind of dive that my wife & I like to find for cheap Mexican food, so we figured, “Why not?”  Warning:  if you’re into high end, pretentious, chain-type Mexican, please do not read further.

First impression—We walked in, and it looked like your typical cheap Mexican restaurant in a strip mall.  There was a singer, playing the guitar, which I’ve been told is standard for Thursday nights.  I was also told that they also have a live mariachi band on Tuesdays—that would be cool.

Food— Nachos & salsa came out promptly, so we ordered margaritas to accompany them.  They came out not in the normal lime green, but sort of yellowish-brown.  They were probably the strongest margaritas we’ve had in a restaurant.  Who needs that fruity-tutti stuff they give you in the chains, nowadays?  I ordered chicken chimichangas and my wife had the chicken fajitas.  Everything was really good.  The chimis looked small, but filled me up perfectly.  The fajitas were superb.

Our kids fell in love with the music & were dancing to it.  We ended up leaving when they tried to dance to a Pink Floyd song—we figured that was our cue to get them ready for bed.  But, any other time, we could have stayed just for the music!

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