How to Tire Out Your Ball Hound

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I have a dachshund & a lab mix.  Guess which one’s the ball hound?  That’s right, the dachshund.  All day long, he’ll fetch balls.  Running, swimming, and even hobbling as his body starts to tire, he’ll keep on going.  If I don’t throw, he bugs the daylights out of me until I give in.  Finally, I figured out this trick.  I hope it helps you.

Get two balls.  Stand some place in the middle of your yard, play area, or whatever.  Using your chuck-it (one of the world’s best inventions), throw the ball in one direction as far as you can.  When your dog brings the ball back, wait until he gets within 10 feet or so.  If he doesn’t come back to you, toss the other ball to yourself & let him see you.  He’ll come running to you.  When he gets to within 10 feet, throw the other ball in the other direction.  He’ll drop the ball & start sprinting in the other direction.  Once you’re used to it, you can usually get the ball to land at your feet so you don’t have to walk.

After about 10 minutes of non-stop running, your dog might keep running, but will secretly be thankful when you put down the chuck-it.  Enjoy!


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