16 E-Zine Advantages For Your Articles!

1.       You get a guarantee that your article will last for long in an e-zine.

2.      Run other people’s articles in your e-zine in exchange of your articles in their e-zine.

3.      As and when visitors like your article they buy your product or service immediately which will  increase your profits manifold.

4.      All your articles gets published all over the web when submitted to an e-zine publisher with a free content directory on their site.

5.      Let e-zine publishers to publish your articles in their free e-books.

6.      When people give those e-books away, your ad spreads all over the net.

7.      Multiply your income and get free advertising by writing articles, books, or even speaking at seminars for others.  

8.      Spend your profits on other forms of advertising.

9.      Buy ads in e-zines that don’t publish your articles.

10. More people contact when e-zine publisher records their e-zine.

11. People read the back issues before they subscribe.

12.  Your article may be placed on the publisher’s home page.

13. If they place each issue on their home page, you get extra exposure.

14.  Recognized as an expert on the topics you write about.

15. Get your business credibility to compete against competition.

16. Brand your site, business etc., by submitting articles to e-zines.

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