Green Garden

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One day range finished watering his plants. Then e sat under a tree, thinking how he could make the fruits grow bigger.

Suddenly Ranga heard someone calling out t him. He turned round. He could see only the well from which he drew water for his garden.

Then he heard the voice again with same sound. It was coming from the well. He walked slowly up to it and heard the well speaking to him!

“Ranga’’ said the well, “ I can help you make your garden grow faster. Put a drop of my water on each tree and you will see the magic. But remember, put just one drop on each tree and not more!’’

Ranga excitedly drew a bucket of water from the well. He first put one drop on a mango that was increasing. And what did he see? The mango started becoming bigger and bigger! Ranga was thrilled. He put another drop on an orange and that too started growing bigger and bigger till it was a huge one! Ranga had to drag the mango and the orange inside the house, one at a time. He could not carry them- they were so heavy!

Ranga was so happy that instead of putting a drop, he started splashing water, running from one plant to another. The next moment he found that he could not see anything. It suddenly became very dark inside the garden! The plants grew so fast that they seemed to touch the sky. The garden turned into a forest! Poor Rana-he was lost amidst huge trees. He could not see his house. He was frightened.

“ Help, help!’’ he screamed.

“Ranga!’’ called out an angry voice. It came from well. What did I tell you? – Just a drop and not more. But what have you done?’’

“Oh, I forget, I am sorry’’. Sobbed Ranga’’. Please help me, my dear well. Bring my garden back to its normal size.’’

“I don’t want any’’, cried Ranga “ I will be happy with my plants as they were. I don’t want them to grow bigger than hey can. Just get them back to their usual size!’’

“Take some water and sprinkle it on the plants again,’’ said the well, by the talking well.

Ranga walked tithe well. He drew a bucket of water and started sprinkling it gently. The plants started becoming smaller and soon them g tack to their original size. Ranga could see his beautiful garden once again. Oh, how happy he was!

“Ranga’’, called out is mother. Ranga rubbed his eyes. He had fallen asleep leaning against a tree. He ran into the house. His mother was starting at a huge mango and a huge orange.

“Where did these come from?’’ she asked in amazement. Ranga could only shake his silently.

And what do you think they did with the big mango and the big orange? They had mango pickle for a month, and orange juice to go with it!


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