How to Resolve Conflicts in Relationships?


Compromise is the sure shot formula for resolving conflicts in a relationship. Approaching any circumstance with a right or wrong attitude leads to a win or lose situation. This aggravates the affair and takes the form of an issue. Both the individuals vie to prove the other person wrong & eventually end up being bitter and resentful. On the other hand, compromise provides a win-win situation. Each partner has a role to play and should not stick to his version, rather have an open approach. The three basic ingredients of compromise are

  • Both of them should give a little

  • The couple should meet as many needs as possible

  • Both of them should work for the betterment of the relationship, rather than their own desires.


Capitulation is basically giving the authority in other person’s hands and being ready to do things his way. Though it may sound difficult to do and mean dependence on the other person, at times, it is very necessary. You can see it from a completely different perspective and name it cooperation. This is because capitulation basically states that the relationship is superior to anybody’s will and even the issue. Thus, giving up in front of the other person reaffirms the above feeling and reassures that you are ready to do efforts to make things better.


Usually after a certain period of time, couples become individualistic in approach. They give more importance to their own ideologies and perspectives and find it hard to put themselves in other person’s shoes.  It is important for a couple to understand that conflicts in relationships are inevitable and partners can differ over issues at times. Learning to ‘agree to disagree’ is a vital point in any relationship. If you disagree, patch things up by compromising. This way both of you can resolve any issue, without damaging your relationship.

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