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Natural bodyweight setting torturer without hunger!

With essential oils against the predominance Wentarex
Wentarex natural biofűszerekből and expounds his effect with the strength of essential oils gained from medicinal plants.

Essential Oils Natural Formula: Like this enter sporting event the world patent that is celluloid separates the oils from each other with grids.

Essential Oils NaturalFormula technology makes it possible in order for the oils in the capsule not to enter into a reaction with each other, the stocks extract it strengthening each other’s effect so their effect. This technology makes it possible, that from totally natural stocks healthy and safe, no onto a brain, but direct onto the stomach active testsúlyreducing let us be allowed to distribute a capsule.

How does he work?

Japanese scholars observed that it does not send a hunger mark if the stomach lining does not make contact into the brain. One of the components of the product, the clove. with an anaesthetic effect.
One a litre is afraid admitted with water, expounds this effect on the stomach lining, as a result of which cca. 30%-kal it decreases into a brain the number of sent hunger marks.
The diet will not be asceticism, the torturer shuts up hunger.

What does the product know?

-reduces the hunger sensation
-maintains the nutrient balance
-increases the metabolism
-normalizes the nutrient input
-the metabolism increases the measure of the fat burning by the activation of processes
-magas an antioxidant provides protection
-increases the form
-enlivening he has an effect (exciting without being effective, the application of caffeine, effedrin and an other harmful stimulant implement)

Components, vegetable oils

Several effects are at disposal of the cinnamon oil. They indicate him in several dissertations beside this, regulator, circulation stimulant, disinfecting, becoming mouldy hampering by, his blood cleansing and effect helping in digestion. Authoritive scientific experiments and results relate, that one of the components of the cinnamon it MHCP (methylhidroxi chalcone polymer) it increases the efficiency of insulin in the organization, the diabetes with a 2 type contributes to the normalisation of the blood-sugar level in his case hereby.
Finally though the cinnamon oil rich magnesium source, contributes to the strengthening of the bones and other vital biochemical processes on a large scale hereby. He helps to counterweight the blood-sugar level. The blood-sugar level decreases in case of less ingestion, and a hunger sensation arises. The cinnamon oil plays an important role in the process, since balances the blood-sugar level out, reduces the hunger sensation so.
The cinnamon oil contributes to the efficiency of the product largely because of this characteristic of his.

The kapormagolaj encourages the digestive processes, relaxes the intestines, the settling of mushrooms is hampered by Candida. He may help with the alleviation of the urine road infections. Salutary effect the pancreas may be his function, it is used against an infectious diarrhoea because of the effect of disinfecting.
The ginger oil a stomachic, digestion has a promotional effect. Applicable cold, nausea, dizziness onto the stopping of felfűvódás, the alleviation of gastric diseases.

The eugenol is the most important component of the clove oil.
According to the literature of the medical science the clove strong antioxidant, anaesthetic, and considerable antibakteriális an effect is at his disposal. The antioxidants aok the substances, which help, to tie up the cell harm one szabadgyököket. In the product can be found the clove oil the strongest one till now known antioxidant.
The anaesthetic effect is the most important characteristic of the clove oil in terms of the weight reduction. Quasi 30%-al it moderates it into a brain the number of cool hunger marks. This artefact is his most important component.

The malic acid the intestines, the má are effective beneficially, and onto the function of the brain. Iron-, arsenic-, and his phosphorus content caught effective in the treatment of the anaemia. The organization utilizes the malic acid in full whole one’s.

According to the international researcher team’s researches, which one Professzor Dusan vezetet, the clove oil and the agents of the special mix of the cinnamon oil with a suitable proportion moderate the hunger sensation, the fat input is reduced. The organisation’s metabolism is sped up, burns the fat more efficiently so, and the energy level is increased, efedrin substituent substances, without caffeine or the application of an any other kind of stimulant implement.
Wentarex does not contain diuretic. The natural oils prevent the sediment of the fat, the organization in his fat cells already stored up from fats we may get rid with the help of an accelerated fat burning process duly for the agents though.



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