Science And War

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Science and War
The fighting instinct in man has existed since he first appeared in the world. This instinct has undergone many changes with the passage of time. Man has been fighting with the other in the past. The same thing has existed among the different races and nations. The battles have been fought in the past due to the economics, psychological and political factors. Battles between two different nations or races in the past were very simple.
The army of one nation fought with the other in the battlefield with the help of spears, swords and hatchets. The fighting mainly took place in the battlefield. It did not spread to cities. The farmers, the laborers, the ordinary men and women were not affected by the attack of the enemy. War in the past was not very destructive.
The inventions of science have made war a destructive affair. The scientists invented gunpowder and gunshots in the last century. Shots of different kinds of guns were later developed by the Western scientists. Later, come rifles, heavy guns and machine guns. During the First World War, the deadly weapons were used. The scientists did not discard their efforts of improving the deadly we opened.
Guns were improved. Their range of attack was increased to sixty of seventy miles in our age. Chemical of poisonous gases have been invented. The use of such deadly gas cripples life suddenly. During the World War 2, the Germans used chemical weapons. They were met with deadlier weapons. Tanks were met with anti-tank guns. The Chemical gases were faced with gas masks. The bombers were faced with anti-air-craft guns.
The most advanced countries possess nuclear weapons. Now the cities and towns are destroyed within moments using Atom and Hydrogen bombs. In the second, World War, the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed by America with the help of Atom bomb. The use of nuclear weapons caused wholesale destruction. The scientists have different kinds of poisonous germs, which pollute the air and cause suffocation in the atmosphere. We can say today the whole pattern of warfare has changed in the world. Now the wars are fought in the laboratories, not in battlefields.
The inventions of science have given a wider and international color to the wars. In the past, wars were limited to battlefields. However, the fast means of communication had given them an international color .Let the two countries fight and the whole world plunge into it. The war spreads to towns, cities and villages all at once. Every factory, every field school and hospital are affected by wars. The whole nation is mobilized. During the war, the social, economic and cultural life of a nation comes to a stand still.


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