God Provides

Near the famous kali temple at Kolkata stands `Nirmal Hriday”, a home for the poor and the dying. It was born out of mother Teresa’s loving care. Mother Teresa served the poor and the sick, which nobody else wanted to help.

Mother Teresa was born in Yugoslavia. When she grew up, she became a nun. She was asked to each in as convent school in Kolkata.

One day, looking out through the window of her convent, she saw poverty and misery in the slums around her. `I can serve god by looking after the sick and the poor,’ she thought. So, she left her convent and started a religious group of her own, called the Missionaries of Charity.

The sisters of the group spend their day cleaning slums, teaching poor children and looking after the sick and the old. By doing so, the sisters spread the message of love and selfless service. The comfort people in distress wherever they go. The government also helps them in their working.

Once someone had asked mother Teresa how she managed so many of her institutions without getting regular grants. “God provides,’’ mother Teresa had answered with a smile. She recalled an incident to prove. Once during winter, a patient did not have a quilt, she was about to tear open her pillow to take out the cotton and make a quilt. Just then the doorbell rang. A man had come with quilts. Mother Teresa said that such incidents show how god provides.

Mother Teresa started her work with four sisters. Today the Missionaries of Charity has centers in many countries. More than two thousand sisters belonging to her group look after homeless children all over the world, in orphanages. They also run dispensaries and schools for the poor.

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