Get The Best Shoe Deals On The Web

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Research the web. Find the cheapest online shoe dealers and find out the store details. Most shoe dealers on the web have a flexible return policy and usually have free shipping.

If you find a better deal after you have already bought a pair of shoes from one dealer, contact the dealer that you just purchased the shoes from and ask for a store credit. Most shoe dealers will give you a credit up to two weeks after you buy shoes from them.

Use price comparisons to get the best shoe deals on the web. Go to a few shoe stores on the web and check the price of the shoes that you want. Make a list of the stores and their prices. When you get your price list, send an email to a couple of a online shoe dealers and see if they will beat the lowest price you have found on other shoe websites. Many shoe dealers are willing to bargain with you.  Two of the best priced shoe websites that I use are and


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