Crocodile’s Promise

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A waterbuck is a big, strong deer that lives in Africa. One day, a waterbuck was eating grass close to a river.

Suddenly, is heard a cry. `Help! Help!’

The waterbuck followed the sound of the voice and reached the river. Close to it, a tree had fallen on a big crocodile. The crocodile could not move. It was crying for help. The crocodile saw the waterbuck. He said, `Oh waterbuck please help me’.

`If I do that you will eat me up,’ said the waterbuck. `No, I won’t’, said the crocodile.

The waterbuck said, `okay, I will help you. But you must promise that you will always allow me to bathe in the river. You must never attack me even if you are hungry.’

`Promise!’ said the crocodile. `What? I cannot hear you,’ said the waterbuck.

`I promise!’ said the crocodile. `You can use my river whenever you want. I will never attack you. Not even if I am hungry.’

Then waterbuck pushed hard at the tree with its horns. It pushed again and again. At last the crocodile was free. It slipped into the water happily. The waterbuck went back to eat grass.

Since the, the waterbuck and the crocodile have lived together in peace.

The gift of peace is the best gift we can give to someone. The crocodile’s promise was its gift to the waterbuck. Before the promise, that waterbuck was afraid of the crocodile. After the crocodile made the promise, the waterbuck helped him. This made the crocodile happy. Then the crocodile kept his promise. Instead of being afraid, the waterbuck could now come to the river happily. Keeping your promise is a gift of peace you can give someone. If we keep promise and are honest we can live in peace even with those who may not always have been our friends.


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