Mean Girls Actress Lindsay Lohan Released From Jail

However she must now begin a 90 day rehab program with immediate effect. She was banged up in the mean girls only prison in Los Angeles on July 20 and was released early in the morning of August 2.

In mates who serve time for non violent offences are often released early in the States as the prisons are overcrowded. She was initially sentenced for a 90 day period. She was also jailed there back in 2007 but spent just 1 hour 24 mins inside.

The actress original crime was a drug possession offence and three driving charges. She had been on probation since August 2007 and part of that probation was to attend a series of alcohol education courses but she failed to turn up for some of the courses and did not complete the course in the allotted time.

In May 2010 she was fitted with a bracelet that monitors the amount of alcohol consumed. This was punishment handed out to her for failing to turn up at a probationary hearing claiming to be stuck in France. She had attended to Cannes Film Festival and according to her representatives her passport was stolen.

The whole charade of this probationary punishment on Lohan has taken its toll on her career. She was chosen to play Linda Lovelace in a biopic and filming is on hold at the moment.

In fact, her last role was back in 2007 when she filmed the I Know Who Killed Me. The film was panned by the critics.

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