Want to build a custom PC – Here is what you will need

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Firstly you may want to set yourself a budget as you could easily spend a couple of grand on customisation if you wanted to.

Once you have your budget set, go to a search engine such as google and search for Custom built PC you should find some sites in there, one site I know of would be http:\\www.Komplett.ie this is an irish site but it also has uk and other eurpoean versions, however it may not be in every country and thats why I suggest using a search engine.

Once you find the site you will require the items below if you are building from scratch.

1. Motherboard (Mainboard) – The main component that all other components connect to.

2. Processor – The brain of the computer

3. RAM (Memory) – Improves speed, performance and stability

4. Hard Drive (Storage) – Stores all information, pictures, movies, music

5. Power Supply – Where the power cable plugs in

6. Sound Card **Built in to some motherboards** – Allows sound to play from speakers

7. Graphics Card (Video Card) – Creates the display you see

8. DVD/R/RW Drives, CD/R/RW Drives – For using CD’s and DVD’s in your computer

9. Other Storage, such as Card Reader, Removable Harddrives – Optional

10. Case. – House all the above components

11. Monitor – Display

12. Keyboard & Mouse – User input

What to look for:

** I will base my choices on my own PC configuration for ease but understand I am not suggesting that what I choose is the best especially as my PC is now 3 years old.

Motherboard – This is a complex one as there are a lot of options on a motherboard. First you need to choose Intel or AMD, take Intell for example, you then need to select a socket, mine is 775, you will then have a selection of motherboards. Some options are:

ATX : The type of motherboard, this must match the supportes motherboards of your Case

GB LAN: The type LAN connection, usually determining speed, GBLAN is pretty fast, if not the current fastest.

PCI-EX x16: The type of Graphics card supported.

There may be more options so do some research.

Processor: This one is easy enough, the newest common one would be Quad-Core (more exotic ones are available at up to €1000 or more) and the higher the Ghz the faster it will be.

RAM: Gauged in Gb’s these days, 4Gb’s would be a decent amount. There are some more expensive than others, research of compare on the site if the option is available.

Hard Drive: Measured in GB’s or TB’s 1TB = 1,024GB’s, 1TB would be loads even 500GB’s would be plenty

Power Supply: measured in watts (W), depends on how much power your components need, This Site will allow you to input your components information and tell you what you need. (In most cases 400w is plenty, but if your unsure use the site.

Sound Card: If you want surround sound, or are particular about high quality sound invest in a sound card, otherwise go with a motherboard which has one built in (in my opinion the built in one is good enough)

Graphics Card: If you intend on playing computer games especially new ones that are coming out invest in a decent graphics card, look at a few before you buy there are many kinds, ensure that the type (PCI, PCI-Ex, AGP) you select is compatible with your motherboard, the higher the MB;s e.g. 128, 256, 512, 1,024 the higher the price but the better the performance, other options incluse DDR2 and DDR3 you can find information on these and choose which to go for.

DVD/R/RW Drives, CD/R/RW Drives: These are easy enough there pretty cheap even for the top models so no help really needed here.

Other Storage: More options for storing files, there are many available check them out on the site you get ther rest of your components from.

Case: The most fun I think. This will be the exterior of your computer and there are some great looking ones out there. Example:


VG4000_Xaser VI_View special_06.jpg


Monitor: Varies with taste, some like standard 17 – 19 inch monitors, some prefer monster 32 inch displays, its down to you.

Keyboard & Mouse: Once again down to user preference, you can buy standard ones, or you can spend a bit more and get ones with special features and extra buttons, I have a standard keyboard but my mouse is a Logitech MX Revolution, it cost €110 3 years ago, but it was weill worth it, if going for cordless please not bettery life is very important if your going to be using the computer a lot.

Once you select 1 of each of the above you can have them delivered to your door and you can build this computer yourself or if you are not sure you can, have a friend who is familiar with computers build it for you.

Some sites will also build the computer for you for a fee.

By building yourself you can save quiet a bit and its nice to have a custom PC with lights and funky features. Also you are futureproofing your PC in a way as all components can be replaced 1 by 1 when you want to upgrade anything.

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Thank you for reading.


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