Why do You Play Golf?

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Golf is a favourite sport for some. However some people describe golf as a “good walk spoiled”. Golf also helps a person to climb the company ladder. If you are head over heels in love with golf and it has become a part of your life, you will have a hard time imagining life without golf. But why play golf?

            There are many reasons to this question. To begin answering it, playing golf is good for health. It is a healthy sport where players need to do a lot of walking. Walking and playing golf blend well with beautiful pathways and breathtaking landscapes of the golf course. Walking and swinging the golf clubs increase the heart rate. Increasing the heart rate is great to lose weight. It also helps the cardiovascular to function better. Furthermore spending time outdoors exposes one to vitamin D which is lacking in those who stay indoors.

            Secondly, playing golf or just sitting at the clubhouse helps with networking. This is a great way to make new contacts or new customers. Most people today use golf as a way to communicate and expand their businesses.  Enjoying the game surrounded by greens makes meetings with prospective clients more fun.

            There are many golf tournaments held for good causes such as helping cancer victims or those in need. It would be nice to participate in such events. And perhaps this could be another reason as why people play golf.

            Golf also encourages quality time with family members. Family members can spend more time together thus strengthening the bonds while swinging the golf clubs.

            Some may think that golf is boring as too much time is spent to complete a game. But actually golf is all about personal preference. Golf is a sport that depends on its players. Why do you play golf? 


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