14 Amazing Ways to Get More Sales And Make Money!

1. Let publishers join and make money from your affiliate program from the free or low-cost ads you run on your site.

 2. Increase the number of people joining your affiliate program fast by temporally giving your product for free to those who sign up.

3.      Let people download free software or e-books from your site in return for referrals.

4.      Offer daily or weekly visitor bonuses to increase your repeat traffic and sales and thus make money.

5.      Sell publicity space in your product package.
6. Sell leaflets and digital ads for electronic products.
7. Issue your e-zine only on your site.

8. Increase your traffic, sales and make money, by allowing people subscribe to a “new topic” e-mail reminder.

9.      To attract more people to subscribe offer your e-zine with ads and without ads.

10. Include a free classified ad section in your site.
11.  Exchange banner ads with sites that have free classified ad sections as that of yours.

12. Let part of your site be a member’s only site.

13. Use ‘members only’ part of your site as a bonus for one of your products and give free access.

14. To enable visitors to read free e-books and see your ad, establish a free e-book directory on a specific topic.

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