Free Chocolate

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First, find your nearest chocolate boutique. These would consist of Godiva, Hoffmans, Sees, Lindt, etc. Most of these stores have an array of chocolate items such as individual pieces, covered fruit, pretzels, brownies, etc. They are also inclined to give away samples of these decadent pieces. What better way to attract and keep a potential customer than by giving away product? These chocolatiers know this and know you are having an insatiable craving today and have chosen to prey upon it. Usually, chocolate will be given away on the weekends when the mall is most full. Some stores however, will sample during the week and catch an unsuspecting shopper. When these opportunities arise do not hesitate to indulge yourself.

Also, stores may have select events for give-aways, tastings, and special promotions. The quickest way to know about and participate is to sign up for the store’ s mailing list. For example, Godiva gives away hundreds of coupons for various reasons. Such as signing up, spending over a certain amount, and your birthday. Also, in their monthly catalog that is mailed directly to your house, you will find more coupons. This is all incentive to get you back into the store so take advantage.

When presented with an opportunity to get a sample, just ask. The associate will appreciate it more if you are direct in your intentions. Do not linger about the store pretending to buy something when all you really wanted was the free chocolate covered marshmallow. However, if you do see something that has caught your eye, ask relevant questions, ask for a catalog, and maybe some chocolate to go.

In the end, you have satisfied your hunger and also made a mental check list of the pieces you want for next time. Enjoy!


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