16 Smart Ways to Make Big Money From Your Products!

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  1.  Offer different kinds of benefits to your visitors.

  2. If you’re selling books on art, sell services, courses and supplies connected with art.

  3. With some  compliments, make visitors feel good and always buy from your site.

  4. Let your customers enjoy some extra add-ons at the time of purchase.

  5. If they are buying a camera, sell batteries also along  with it.

  6. Give  free bonuses and  create some  urgency for your visitors to buy.

  7. Offer free bonus for a limited period of time  with your main item to attract visitors.

  8. Obtain free advice from successful online business owners.

  9. Visualize yourself as a “visitor” and devise your site accordingly.

  10. Build all  your products with visitors in your mind.

  11. Provide your visitors with different  choices so that they are free to choose.

  12. Offer them an assortment of methods to order, contact and navigate.

  13. Increase the effect of your ad text on customers with bold key words, highlighting, color, etc.

  14. Offer a freebie to visitors for filling out an online survey in your site.

  15. Use the feedback from the surveys in your site for your business.

  16. Advertise in the form of an article or narrative so that visitors read the ad and buy your product.


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