Things Your Manual Has Not Told You.

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Here are some things I have learnt from experience that I wish to share with you.

I. Use DOS to replace extension of all files with the same extension in one go.

DOS is still available with latest version of Windows and it helps to do certain file management tasks faster which includes renaming the extension of more than every filename that has the same extension with a new extension. Let’s say, you want to replace the extension of files with the .txt extension with a .doc extension. If you do it with Windows, you will do one by one for each file. If you use DOS, you only have to use the command ren *.txt *.doc only once.

II. Use Windows to display files in a specific order.

Windows is more suitable than DOS when you want to list the files according to their sizes or their types because there is no function in DOS for you to do so. However, DOS allows to display files of a specific type or whose filenames contain specific characters with wildcard characters. For example, ba*.doc for any .doc file that begins with “ba”.

III. The Alt key can be use in shortcut keys.

Use can use the Alt key to activate certain commands especially those on a menu bar of a software faster.  This can be easily done with the following steps:

1. Look at what letter of the main command you wish to use is being underlined.

2. Press and hold down the ALT key.

3. Tap on the key of the letter that is underlined for the command.

4. When the dropdown menu appears under the command, look for the underlined letter for the subcommand you wish to activate.

5. With the ALT key still being pressed down, tap on the key that corresponds to the underlined letter.

Here’s an example,

To save a file with a new name:

1. Press and hold down the ALT key.

2. Tap on the the F key.

3. Tap on the A key.

The “Save As” dialog window will appear on your screen.

To use the commands press and hold down the ALT key and then tab on the first key follow by the second key.

IV. Be patient when entering your username and password on a Website.

Always wait till a page is fully loaded onto your browser before entering your username and password. If you don’t part of your password will be entered into the username box especially if you type very quickly.

V. Combine mouse clicking and keystrokes to work faster.

For certain tasks, you will find it very useful if you can work on your keyboard and with mouse at the same time especially if you have a lot data to enter. This is especially if one command can only be activated by clicking on the mouse button.


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