Multiple Runes Possible When Crafting Law, Blood, And Death Runes in Runescape; Greater Trade Limits Between Friends Allowed.

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RuneScape has made two changes to the game. Three types of Runes; Law runes, death runes, and blood runes had not been affected by the recent update that made receiving multiple runes more likely. Prior to the update, only runes that had a level where the runecrafter received two runes per essence would have a chance of producing more than one rune. In addition, friends can now transfer a greater unbalance of wealth between each other.

RuneScape has extended the chance of receiving double runes to include law runes, death runes, and blood runes. Law runes, death runes, and blood runes do not have a runecrafting level where double runes per essence is achieved, but the higher the RuneScape player’s runecrafting level, the greater chance of receiving a second rune from the essence.

This runecrafting update will benefit RuneScape in many ways. Runecrafting will be more profitable to RuneScape players and thus result in more runes being made. Mining pure essence will be thus more profitable. With more law runes, death runes, and blood runes hitting the market, the prices of the runes will decline, making teleportation and high level magic less expensive.

This update is yet another update that addresses the effects of bot removal in RuneScape. RuneScape has been doing a good job of increasing the supply of items into the game that bots used to massively produce. By making up for the supply of commodities that bots used to provide for the game, Jagex seeks to stabilize and mitigate the effects of banning cheating from RuneScape. This also allows for greater profits for the RuneScape players who work hard in the game.

RuneScape also relaxed the trade limits to allow friends to trade over a greater amount of wealth every 15 minutes. Currently, the trade limit for any RuneScape player starts out at 5,000 RuneScape gold and increases as more quest points are accumulated. The F2P limit is 10,000 RuneScape gold and members’ limit is 60,000 RuneScape gold. As inflation increases, either the trade limits or the inflation need to be addressed, and the friends’ trade limit update is a step in the right direction for RuneScape.

In any trade, two RuneScape players have a trade limit. The number that limits the amount of wealth transferred is the lower of the two trade limit numbers of the RuneScape players involved in the trade.

Now if two players have been friends on the friends list for a month, the trade limit between them is doubled. When friends for two months, the trade limit has been raised to triple the amount. RuneScape players who are friends for three or more months can trade quadruple the amount of wealth in unbalanced trade.
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