Runescape Quest Walkthrough, Rune Mecanics Quest

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Rune Mechanics quest was released in RuneScape on February 1st, 2010, and, surprisingly, Rune Mechanics quest is a novice quest of short duration. Hence, Rune Mechanics quest may be part of a new RuneScape quest series following up on Rune Mysteries quest. Requirements for Rune Mechanics quest are completion of Rune Mysteries quest, Wolf Whistle quest, level 27 magic, level 20 Runecrafting, level 25 construction, and five Pizzazz points from the Mage training arena minigame. For a detailed slideshow of in-quest action, see Rune Mechanics Slideshow.

Items needed for Rune Mechanics quest are five mind runes, five body runes, two emeralds, 20 unnoted pure or rune essence, five water or fire runes (RuneScape player decides what altar to bind steam runes at and uses according rune,) and five steam runes (made during quest.) A Talisman is not needed, as a talisman and binding necklace are provided in the quest. Runecrafting pouches can be used for carrying the essence if inventory space is a concern. Bring an extra ten unnoted pure essence to save a bank trip later.

Start Rune Mechanics quest by entering basement of Mage Training arena (Duel arena teleport is fastest way of access) by talking to Apprentice Clerval. Clerval wants to make a Rune Guardian and sends the RuneScape player to talk to the three wizards for information.

Rune Mechanics quest, Wizard Dougal: Wizard Dougal comes on with an attitude, but by complementing his runecrafting skills, he tells the RuneScape player to craft mind, body, and steam runes. Dougal hands over a fire talisman, water talisman, binding necklace, and ten pure essence (may be noted.) Go to a bank if necessary, teleport to either the fire or water altar once ten (five with binding necklace) pure essence are in inventory.

To make steam runes at the water altar, the RuneScape player needs the ability to enter the water altar, pure essence, a fire talisman, and fire runes. To make steam runes at the fire altar, entrance to the fire altar, water runes, pure essence, and a water talisman are needed. Use the other talisman on the altar and the steam runes are crafted. Make all the steam runes in one click because the process consumes the talisman. Basically, X “other” runes, X pure essence, and 1 “other” talisman used with altar makes X combination runes, with X being the lesser of item in inventory, “other” rune or pure essence. Take 5 body runes, 5 mind runes, and 5 steam runes to Clerval.

Rune Mechanics quest, Wizard Edvin: Wizard Edvin requires the RuneScape player to cross a chessboard puzzle before he will tell the RuneScape player the information. Symbols on the floor represent chess moves. One dot means one pawn space north. Three diagonal dots means diagonal bishop move to end of puzzle. Cross shape means straight path in selected direction to end, like a rook. Square with hole means king move, one square in any direction. Tetris shape means knight, two squares forwards and one to right or left. The end square has a green symbol on the floor, wizard Edvin appears in the chatbox congratulating the player. The solution is west, north, north, north. Pull exit switch and talk to Edvin to receive Edvin’s tool, give this to Clerval.

Rune Mechanics quest, Wizard Shug: Wizard Shug is up two flights of stairs by the rewards guardian. Wizard Shug gets around to telling the RuneScape player about making the guardian’s body and how to enchant emeralds. Return to the basement of the mage training arena and operate the workbench by apprentice Clerval to enchant the emeralds. No runes are required. Deliver the enchanted emeralds and 20 rune or pure essence (can be mixed) to Clerval. Al the needed items are delivered.

Finishing Rune Mechanics Quest: Clerval says that the wires on the Animation table need to be connected, bringing up another puzzle. Basically, no wires must leave the table except to connect to the ends. A red button clears the puzzle, a green one tests it. Individual pieces can be dragged on or off the puzzle grid, should a mistake be made. Take the four corner pieces and place on corners. Add the two pieces that have one side without wires to the sides. All that’s left is to arrange the three middle pieces so the wires match. Each of these pieces if placed wrong grossly mismatches a wire, making this puzzle easy. After the table is fixed, Clerval hands the RuneScape player the tool and a lump of rune essence to carve. This part is easy, use tool with rune essence and talk to Clerval to initiate a cutscene and complete Rune Mechanics quest. Clerval then talks to player offering free Rune Guardian pet. Rune Guardian pet doesn’t eat food, but instead needs recharging at a Runecrafting altar. Rune Guardian, unlike most pets, doesn’t grow but still needs recharging.

Congratulations, Rune Mechanics quest is complete. Rewards for Rune Mechanics quest are one quest point, 900 construction XP, 2,300 magic XP, 1,850 Runecrafting XP, and a new pet. Unused talismans and binding necklace given during Rune Mechanics quest are kept.

Source: RuneScape: Rune Mechanics quest walkthrough with slideshow by Mr Dave, RuneScape Examiner.


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