Guide to Using Orb of Oculus For Unique Screenshots While Making Runescape Videos

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The Orb of Oculus is the most recent addition to Faruq’s tools for games, and is available from Faruq’s shop for 20 RuneScape gold. The Orb of Oculus was introduced to the game of RuneScape on February 1st, 2010 along with the mint cake update, the law, death, and blood rune update, the friend trade limit update, and Rune Mechanics quest. The Orb of Oculus is available to both F2P RuneScape players and RuneScape members.

The orb of oculus is held in the hands and when held has a “gaze-into” option. Gazing into the orb of oculus allows the RuneScape player to view the surrounding area of RuneScape from outside of the normal view of the player. Additional camera angles are also granted. See Orb of Oculus in-game action slideshow to see some Orb of Oculus action at Feldip Hills.

Unfortunately, the RuneScape player using the orb of oculus cannot both use the orb and play RuneScape. The RuneScape player can stand out of the ay and record scenes in-game. Two friends can team up, with one friend using the orb of oculus to record another friend.

The orb of oculus does not record actual video but rather sets up the stage for better angles and views to be recorded. The RuneScape player still needs his other programs to record from the screen.

View from the Orb of Oculus is an almost full page view, with no minimap or inventory, just compass. Camera controls pop up on the lower left corner and can be toggled on or off.

The camera is controlled using letters and arrow keys. Keys W,S,A, and D move the camera north, south, east and west. Q moves up, E down. The left and right arrows rotate the view direction of the camera. F1 toggles between focus mode and aim mode. Space bar hides or shows the help window and compass. Pressing Esc exits camera and returns the RuneScape player to normal RuneScape mode. Once Esc is pressed, camera needs to be refocused.

If the RuneScape player is attacked, the view instantly returns to normal RuneScape view.

The camera has a limited distance in which it can move. This distance is roughly the normal limits of the minimap.

Source: RuneScape introduces Orb of Oculus screen view tool for RuneScape video makers by Mr Dave, RuneScape Examiner.


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