Our Understanding About Sexuality

Sexuality includes of aspects: biological, psychological, social, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of our lives. Sexuality begins ourselves, our relationships with ourselves and extend to our relationships with others. Our relationship with ourselves includes how we feel about ourselves as human beings, as sexual beings, as men and women, and how we feel about our bodies and how we feel the activity and sexual behavior. 

Our relationships with others may include friendship, emotional intimacy, love, and / or sexual activity. The interesting thing about sex is how you define it, as individuals, based on experiences and feelings. When most people say they have “sex” or talk about “sex” they mean intercourse, but for many people, there is not sexuality. 

sex relationship

Many of us define “sex” as any excite our sex sexual manner. For some people, namely vaginal relationship, but for others who may be oral sex, masturbation, digital sex, anal sex relationships, sex with toys such as vibrators, or even kissing and petting. Because people are so different and their sexuality, the definition of what sex was also varied. It’s really important that we can not let others decide for us what sex was for how could they know what it is for anyone but themselves? 

We can have the best sex of understanding if we find out for ourselves about our sexual lives, rather than letting other people tell us about sexuality. We are all very different people with different body, experiences, desires and responses, and what sex is for one person, maybe not for others. 

sex behavior 

Having a more open definition of sex also helps people to remember for having sex in a responsible manner. If we say only vaginal intercourse, then many people think that having sex with safer sex behavior only in the vagina and this assumption is not true at all.

Give yourself time to explore what it means for you. In my experience, the older you are more diverse sexual experiences, the more you begin to realize that many aspects of sexual matters.

If you choose to have sex use a latex condom provides good protection for preventing pregnancy, something you think is fair, then it too is sexual behavior. Using a condom is not 100% safe against pregnancy, but it offers good protection from pregnancy if you have sex.

The best protection is to use birth control pills or depo Provera for latex condoms prevent pregnancy and to protect the transmission of the disease. Sex educare I describe here a simple attempt to give more understanding about her sex life, what is good and not good.

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