Nearly Died

Adriel said that he had a ticket for me to go for today’s live recording at church. I promised to buy him a band from Flesh Imp since he wanted it.

But by the time I got out of my house,it was just nice for me to be at church on time.So I went towards Jurong East instead.
Things got a liltle messy…[shall not elaborate.]

So I decided to get off at Bukit Batok MRT for a while to cool myself and so on…
I was chatting over the phone while a white car just stopped at my hip!! I was like oh gosh…what am I doing in the middle of the road. Thank God nothing happened to me. Although I really do not deserve the ticket….thanks to Adriel who chose to forgive me and welcomed me with a smile at church gate.

Had a great time. 1st time in a live recording and I should say I am so privillaged. I really wanted to go and was like praying so hard for it to be a great one. Wanna thank God for he was the ultimate source for the good things that happened today in my life. Although I had to go through certain things today, I feel so happy that I was part of the live recording.

The feeling : I really lived out my imagination. =]
Can’t wait for the CD to be out in July and the DVD in October.

I am off to sleep.

*Have to say a big sorry and a big thank you for being tolerent of my irresponsiblities. Thanks for the ticket.(you know who you are)=]

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