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Today I went back to my secondary school,just for the fun of it. I did not go alone but I went with Winnie.(So called the teachers’ pet!)

I saw my art hanging on those dusty walls.Those 2 pieces are my hardwork. Hardwork with the strength of God of course. I feel so honoured. [I really want my 2 art murals back…how long should I wait??]Hey,I am shining through yeah? I met teachers like Martini,Ms.Kok,MRS.GRACE MARY-.-” and Mr.VANNAN. Those are the teachers who came to talked to me. All those who did not just smiled or just ignored us. Nevermind! haha!
Then we spent 1.30-2.30 at Ms.Tan’s room.[My art teacher for 4 years.]Had a talk with her. She asked me to go and be a fashion designer or a graphics animator? Nafa? Lassale? or Informatics? She even remembered that I wanted to be a hairstylist! WOW! I am going crazy!! I really left a mark in that school huh? The school surrounding has changed but the teachers who still remain there are the same in their lifestyle.[Well,not much of a difference.]
Ms. Tan made for me and Winnie a neck accesories those you will see it in Heeren. She made it for free.Those guys out there in Heeren sell it for bucks. Frankly speaking, I think I should start thinking about my small biz and how to carry it out by this year.
Winnie and I had our lunch at Pasta-Mania.
I got my new water bottle. It’s orange.
Winnie got e-spirit blouse.
Those two from J-8.
Then we went into X-cessories since Winnie wanted to look for a part time job. Then she was asked to go to Suntec for an interview.

IN SUNTEC.. a person came to me and mistook me for Cedric again!!!! He was working at Life Bookstore as a salesman and came to me politely and asked “Do you remember me?? Hope..”
Haha!! “I was sorry, you got the wrong person.” Now I kinda know who he is because I caught a glimpse of his name tag. I think is someone I have seen before. =]

Winnie bought her Hillsong Platanium CD Volume 1 @ the Rock. She made a fool out of herself there by asking for discounts and stuff like that.

Had a great time today. I hope I soon get my dreams coming through. I am hoping for a clearer vision of my future before I take any steps.


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