Someone's Stealing From my Credit Card

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I bought a computer about a year ago, and hooked up wireless broadband, and it was the first time I had ever used the internet from home. Within two months, I had somehow given my details to the wrong person, and was getting false charges on my credit card from someone in the US.

Fraud! I went to the bank and they gave me a new credit card, and said they would pay me the money that was fraudulently taken. Perhaps the reason why they agreed to pay, is that they don’t want the general public knowing that credit cards are so easily defrauded by thieves.

In my case, I am not sure if I had a Trojan on my computer, a virus that tells the user all key strokes, or if one of the sites I was visiting, (work at home, survey sites) was actually a credit card phishing site set up just to get my card details. It is so easy for criminals to pose as a reputable merchant, get you to buy something with a credit card, and then use your number to order a pizza, it’s just not funny.

I think the banks need to come clean about this credit card fraud that is only getting worse, and do something to fix the problem. For example, other than using sites like Pay Pal, you could have a credit card reader at home connected to your computer, so it read the credit card, and the physical credit card needed to be used to buy things, along with the pin.

Beware of doing anything on the internet, at the moment I’m still getting twenty phishing emails from Nigeria every day telling me I have won a lottery I never entered. If you are trying to make money from the internet, beware! I suggest trying survey sites like, and, or article writing sites like Bukisa or Triond.

Be aware that the survey sites will pay you about five dollars an hour, and with the article writing sites, you have to write hundreds and hundreds of articles, before you build up a decent residual income. I prefer writing articles, because lots of people read my work, and may be helped by it.

There are ways to sell products for companies on Ebay, or through affiliate marketing, but the biggest earner on the net, (apart from the big sites), is building a website sucking people into buying the information telling them how to do that, for a ridiculous price. Get a book from a library instead, cause that will give you the same information for free. 


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