Embracing Curiosity As Our True Motivation For Living Abundantly

MODE of Cosmic Therapy: Acknowledging Passionate Lust for Learning

For what possible purpose should we, as humans, inhabit the Earth plane?  For what possible purpose would  we need to spend our days arising, eating, working, building relationships, tending to personal bodily functions, engaging in pleasure, avoiding pain (in as much as is possible) merely to exit to another sphere of existence at some unknown time? The only possible answer: curiosity!  We are curious creatures who desire to experience, crave to learn, aspire to grow and passionately yearn to evolve while living as human beings. In other words, a significant point of our individual existence is to ‘show up for our designated lives.’ We are to literally expose ourselves to our entire infallible existence with every pleasant and unsavory characteristic attached. {Most especially where relationships are concerned} And, because we can not “leave well enough alone”, we will no doubt be assured of an incalculable time of events while visiting this planet of emotional drama.

While walking upon this particular dramatic sphere of influence, relating to and being interacted upon, we inadvertently will encounter many things, people, relationships, careers, fortunes (won and lost) and various health, mental and psychological issues. In the midst of these spiraling occurrences, we will seek, relate to and sustain our personal faith, belief in religious/spiritual convictions. We are not to turn away in defiance, disgust or personal disinterest. We are definitively not to judge, jump to conclusions and construe. We are not to convince, coerce, concede to or constrict another’s thoughts or activities. If we are to gain knowledge of of the complete ‘god in the making’ {along with the unmistakable glory of resolved peace and unfaltering happiness associated} we will embrace all of the romantic involvements, family events, people, relationships, partnerships, educational meanderings, business associations, unexplored places and forbidden things (no matter how dirty, unpleasant, criminal, unholy, uncouth, unfaithful, rough, deceitful, cunning, hurtful, mean, unmannered, disappointing, and shocking they prove to be) in our life exactly and precisely as they happen.  No other way is offered to satisfy our precocious curiosity.

It’s all a matter of raising our consciousness.  In order to see more clearly, we must experience more darkly. Interpreting, analyzing, gossiping, remarking about how you deserve better or more and belying the various tragedies are not allowed. For serious curiosity seekers only: [when the circumstances so present themselves]“Jump straightway into the unknown extremely polluted water of self-discovery” even if you think you can’t swim {and can’t stand the smell}. The ‘pulling back the curtain’ to reveal another aspect of your hidden personality, filled with enormous artistic talent, will certainly be worth the effort invested.

 Though shocking and unapproved by you at first, the more unlikely, surprising, undesired, and ‘least expected’ the events present themselves, the more fastidiously elevated will be your clue to soar like an eagle to heights yet experienced.  Don’t baulk; simply spring into the capricious activity. You will discover more about yourself {when you partake of that unexpected  obscured supposedly uninvited “opportunity” pie,} than you could ever know standing on the safe shore of familiarity just “talking about it”   or better yet, trying to “Reject” it. Vital life-supporting youth invigorating sensual provoking Curiosity will not abandon you unless you kill it with ‘boxed in security’.

 Dare to meet yourself on the other side of the ‘shore of: What’s out there for me”?  While other, less adventuresome souls, whine and pine about their misfortunes, ‘take the bull by the horns’ and “wrestle with the angle” like Jacob, until you have secured the lofty blessing of curiously sought wisdom. You will never know what you are capable or more importantly what you have been designated to do unless and until you dare to walk through the door: “Enter at thy own risk.”  “Do what thou must do, quickly,” as Jesus so pin pointedly eloquently said to Judas, [For all is ordained. Nothing is out of order, ever!] (No matter how it looks) [His act of ungodly betrayal and unforgivable deception appeared to be a dirty low-down rotten job, BUT somebody had to do it.]

Oh yeah, with that singular unforgettable historical event in mind dare I remind you, once more: “Show up for the unimagined scenes you are being called to perform. Whatever faces you {no matter how absurd} participate comprehensively with all your (committed) heart filled sincerely flowing “Let not this cup pass from me” might, too. Sometimes, we as humans tend to interpret way too much prior to an unexpected event or circumstance. We try to justify, reason, logically deduce the whys and wherefores of the situation.  But, there are those inexplicable times, when all the logic in the world will not suffice.  We simply have to bite the bullet and go with the program offered. Who is to say what is right or wrong in that situation, on that date, during that moment of time?  So many extenuating factors are involved that we are not privy to.

Curiosity is the genuine motivation of man. Nothing else even comes close in comparison. We are alive because we want to KNOW!  That’s why we ask so many questions, stir up so much trouble, stay in other people’s business and constantly follow the ‘current news’ blaring on the sensationalized television shows. How many times during the day do you ask “who was that on the phone’? Or, who’s at the door IF in fact you didn’t open it?  And, how about the response you instinctively have when you retrieve the mail from the box?  Do you care what’s in it, IF it’s not for you?  Curiosity: the name of our sacred plight while we engage our minds, hearts, bodies and soul in discovering, experiencing and sharing the prodigious ‘fruits of this world.’

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