Alternative Medicine

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Alternative medicine is a term we hear more and more frequently, both in and outside of the medical community and it is often a controversial subject. Alternative medicine is viewed as a newfangled fad that could be recalled at any moment, but such beliefs could not be further from the truth. Although alternative healing methods are new to many people today, they are actually very ancient. Many alternative healing methods were common knowledge among early civilizations, but as man “progressed” in the scientific community, these methods were eventually forgotten. The scientific community of today basically concentrates on the physical body for healing, whereas the age-old techniques of holistic (whole-istic) medicine incorporates “The whole;” mind, body and spirit for wellness. The reason for this is that many illnesses begin in the metaphysical state; only later do they manifest as physical ailments. As such, all aspects of “the whole” must be treated.

There are many forms of these so-called “alternative” medicines. Most people are familiar with methods such as massage therapy, acupuncture, and herbs, but these are only a few of the many alternative therapies that exist. Some lesser known, but just as effective methods include aromatherapy, laughter, homeopathy, naturopathy, crystal healing, color therapy, music therapy, and laying on of hands techniques such as Reiki. And still there are many more.

We are all born with instinctual abilities to heal, such as the mother who puts her hands on her child to heal the “hurt.” Unfortunately in today’s society, these natural healing urges are stifled and often called crazy. For the most part, we live in a linear world of logic and it becomes difficult for people to fathom that which is not reasoned. Also, people in the scientific medical community are rather reluctant to accept alternative methods of healing because the scientific medical community loses money to alternative medicines and therefore many doctors do not recommend alternatives to their patients. Instead, we have pharmaceutical companies to sell us “cures.” These companies have powerful lobbyists in Washington to represent “Western medicine.”

Alternative medicine is not meant to replace conventional medicine. Rather alternative medicine can be used in combination with modern medicine to enhance its healing effects. Both medicines have their place. In particular, modern medicine has skilled diagnostic techniques for physical symptoms and great emergency care, but they often miss the root cause of an illness, which not may not lie with the physical body. This treating of just physical symptoms and not the root is what causes many illnesses to reoccur again and again. This is where alternative medicine shines. Alternative medicine is wonderfully suited to helping speed the healing process after the initial emergency treatments by delving deeper into the problems that caused the symptoms in the first place. Alternative medicine has been also shown to have excellent success with long-term and chronic illnesses, such as cancer, without the debilitating side effects that often accompany conventional treatments of such illnesses.

One reason many people steer clear of alternative forms of medicine is that they fear it is comprised of a few “quacks” looking to make a quick dollar from unsuspecting victims. Yes, it cannot be denied that there are indeed some people out there who will jump on any bandwagon they can to peddle whatever they can; however, the same can be said of modern medicine. There are quacks in both conventional and alternative and it is up the patient to decide what is right and what it not. That being said, there are many reputable alterative healers who do not abuse these wonderful methods, and as such, these methods are worth exploring.


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