Character Molding – Backwards Philosophy Insight From God

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But the pot he was shaping from the clay was marred in his hands; so the potter formed it into another pot, shaping it as seemed best to him.Jeremiah 18:4 NIV

I had just brought my pottery class friend to a saving knowledge of Christ the week before and, to inspire me, she hand-weaved an elegant ceramic breadbasket for me. “Read the inscription,” she said, beaming with obvious satisfaction.

What you ARE is God’s gift to you; what you BECOME is your gift to God.

It was a popular quote at the time, and meant to be encouraging. I was familiar with it, but it bugged me to distraction. It seemed such a little thing; but later, as I stared at the message, it dawned on me that while the message was meant to inspire me to be all I could be, it was contrary to scripture: it was backwards!

What I was — a self-centered traveler on the wrong road — was my gift to God. When I came to Him all I could bring was my sinful nature and my past mistakes. Any efforts to be good enough were as filthy rags to my Holy God.

What I become by the grace of God is God’s gift to me. It is all His doing! My journey to become the person God wants me to be is sometimes filled with disappointment, pain, loneliness, and more questions than answers. The kneading, molding, and spinning He puts me through is designed to get rid of the hidden defects so that I will not burst in the heat of the kiln.

My job, as the clay, is to yield to my Potter’s touch. Daily, as I put on the mind of Christ, He molds the clay of my character into the exquisite sculpture He wants me to become. When I cooperate with His plan, people are attracted to my changed spirit because I’m infinitely more attractive. People see Jesus in me!

My purpose, here on earth, is to attract people to Jesus, and I cannot do that unless I submit to the refining touches of the Master Potter. Oh my! How easily I, and many others, had been duped by a backwards philosophy!

Help me remember, God, it is You, The Potter, who shapes and reshapes me. Thank you for what I am becoming because of Your work. May I glorify You and attract others to You as You rid me of my defects. You know, Lord (just between You and I), I can hardly wait to see the finished product of Your gift to me!

Copyright 1997-2009 April Lorier


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