Simple Things to Make You More Attractive to The Opposite Sex

If you are trying to win a date, be it short-term or long term, making yourself more attractive to the opposite sex can include basic things like grooming, clean clothes, proper clothes. Remember, many things are decided upon by first impressions-as we are essentially wired that way-and most of us do not have the time to probe much deeper than that. First impressions are the guiding force behind many decisions. So, if you are going on a date: make sure you are clean, smell good and are not necessarily dressed in your most worn (albeit comfortable) pair of track pants. That pivotal first date decides so much, and even bad body odor can torpedo a prospective first date.

Bathe or shower, brush your teeth, use mouthwash and deodorant. Basic things that sometimes get lost in the shuffle of our hectic, fast-paced lives. Nevertheless, something that shouldn’t be ignored, and a basic rule that should be kept up. For none of us know when there is going to be a sudden chance meeting with somebody we may like from the opposite sex. Yet, we are human and sometimes we forget or rush through our basic grooming. Therefore, at least keeping these standards up as much as possible helps to keep us looking and smelling good towards our more attractiveness.

If one is going on a first date, good grooming and control of body odors is absolutely essential, as so much is based on first impressions. You may not always be totally consistent in your grooming principles, afterwards, in your new relationship. But you should be while trying to win her/his hand. Additionally, maintaining your appearance is important, although that should not be obsessed upon. Eating and other disorders abound in our society, in part due to wild expectations on what people should look like. There is somebody for everybody in this world, irregardless of the way society perceives individuals. But a healthier lifestyle, done in a way that is more conducive to our individual personality and mindset, eases a lot of these disorders by building confidence.

The right level of confidence makes one infinitely more attractive to a possible soul mate. It paves the way for ‘cracking’ the ice between what are basically two strangers, whether one is a man or a woman. This confidence ends up being projected well to all potential mates, as one is not brimming over with arrogance, but instead built it up through proper confidence building measures.

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