Spains World Cup Win Was Not an Easy One

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This is the first and for sure won’t be the last for spain demonstrated that with the right focus and determination. Victory can be achieved and indeed it was and to no suprise a 1-0 victory.
Spain made it’s way through in dramatic fashion, almost every game was a 1-0 victories. The fans on the edge of their seats waiting, watching, wanting, jumping, shouting and supporting their team. The spainish team didn’t do this on their own, the fans have played as a 12 man in everygame they played. Spain defeating the Netherlands 1-0 in extra time, landing them their country’s first World Cup title.

The spaniards came to play and the fans were along side to cheer for every second. The City was smothered in orange.  Dutch face-painted fanatics wearing orange wigs, jerseys, flags, and clown suits gave Holland more of a home field advantage.

With a Spain vs. Netherlands final, it was guaranteed that a new country would be crowned as World Cup champion for the first time. The Netherlands made it to the cup, but never won it. We can only imagine the suspence going into this particular game. With both nations under the spot light, one had to come out victories.

Was it a war zone ? not military wise, but for certain these players came to play. A new World Cup finals record of 13 yellow cards were issued. Some of those cards are even questionable and should have been stright red. The refere let them play and tried to control the match and overall did a good job.

There were many chances for both sides and the Dutch gave the Spanyards quite a few scares in the match. Both teams remained scoreless until the 116th minute of play when midfielder Andres Iniesta broke loose in the penalty area and found the back of the net from eight yards out.  Iniesta received the pass from the late second-half substitute Cesc Fabregas.

The goal coming in the 116 minute, almost confirmed their victory and they didn’t look back. The defence held up as it did through out most of the tournament and the spaniards were jumping for joy, hugs, kisses, smiles and all in a world of bliss


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