Happy New Year – Resolutions Can Make a Difference

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To reflect upon the passing year and decide how to engage those thoughts into accomplishing a variety of changes that is sure to affect not only their lives nut loved ones as well. While some resolve to small changes; others want to make a major difference.

Before a resolution can be accomplished it first needs to be thought out. A plan needs to be developed, is this task reasonable, what limitations will be allowed and lastly, how much time is going to be set aside to fulfill this plan.

Things you may need depending upon your resolutions:

• Notebook or journal
• Calendar or organizer
• Pen or pencil
• Self-esteem books
• Bathroom scale
• Exercise Tapes
• Willpower
• Positive focus
• List of resolutions
• Family and friends
• Have fun

How to make a New Year’s Resolution

Pull out your planner, organizer, journal or notebook and write down the objectives you want to accomplish this year. Reflect upon that list and decide what is more of a priority, why you feel it is important, then number them in the order that you feel will suit your ambitions most. Talk it over with your wife, husband or other family member and get their opinions as well. Discussing these plans with a loved one will give you the needed support in that decision to stick with the changes that will soon be part of your new lifestyle.

Once this is portion is complete you are ready for phase two. Here is where you calculate the time necessary for each resolution on the list. Remember to give yourself enough time to accomplish each task on the list. Some may be easy and require a short time span while others may take a few months or more depending on the goals that were set.

Making resolutions is a yearly tradition; don’t encumber yourself so much that the second tradition takes effect. This is the one where the resolutions go out the window. Instead of berating yourself for failing; make your list reasonable and success will be knocking at your front door. Make a commitment to achieve your goals and ponder its rewarding results.

Common Resolutions:

• Losing weight
• Saving money
• Eating healthier
• Omit evening snacking
• Prepare a new recipe each month
• Maintain an exercise regiment
• Pay off bills

How to keep your New Year’s Resolutions

In order to keep those resolutions on track the first thing that needs to be set are realistic goals. Never overwhelm yourself; set your standards and levels of achievement low. You can always improve and expand on them once the first level is achieved.

Say weight loss is necessary. If the total goal is fifty pounds only list twenty on the list. Once you have lost that twenty pounds success is congratulating you. Stretch that goal for another ten pounds and see how long that takes to achieve. A little at a time is an easier to accomplish than a goal that seems futile to begin with.

Saving money is realistic if you set a limit each month to put away. It can be split out weekly so it won’t take a large bite out of the budget. If temptation is too great on your own then have a certain amount deducted from your paycheck for direct deposit in a savings account. If you don’t have it readily available when the pay check is cashed than it has a better chance of remaining in that savings book.

Eating healthier and omitting late night snacking is easier said than done. Cook more at home and eat out less. Eat smaller portions in lieu of going on a specific diet. All the foods are available to you and there won’t be that feeling of starving. Forbidden foods on most diets make for uneasy feelings; so enjoy them too just do it in smaller portions and in moderation. The weight will come off easier than if a diet plan was being followed.

Don’t cook much. Try preparing a new recipe each month. Find a cookbook and just follow the directions. It will be a surprise that the same old thing won’t be on the menu one evening. A new dish was made and turned out well and the whole family enjoyed a new change. Look up an Examiner online; there are many who share their recipes. Try one out and enjoy a new meal.

Maintain an exercise regimen. Pick up a work out tape or join a gym or spa. Be dutiful for this is about you, your health and self-esteem. Trouble fitting it in; sign up with a friend and exercise together. There is an old saying: “Misery loves company”, but in the end the company as well as you will rejoice in seeing the inches slip away to a new you.

Overloaded with bills, try not to look at the totals as a whole. Look at each one individually and put a small amount extra towards a few. Pay the others as they come in. Eventually the ones where that extra bit was applied will dwindle down to nothing till they no longer exist. When that day comes you apply the same approach the other bills the same way. A few more get a little extra till finally the amounts are not over what your monthly cost should show as. Slowly but surely they will decrease; then and only them you can breathe easily without the stress.

But most of all just have fun. Get your children involved. Have them make their own personal resolution. Suggest something easy. Some examples would be less candy, a promise to clean their rooms without being told, no pouting faces when it is time to go to a religious ceremony or taking out the trash to help you out. And then again, you can develop a family plan. Resolve to go on a family vacation, take more day trips, have movie night at home with healthy snacks to munch on or just have an evening planned each week to sit around the table and play board games. There is always that car ride to nowhere in particular or a planned date to a theme park. Whatever you decide to do enjoy yourselves and those around you at all times. Love does make things better and with support all resolutions seems to have a happier ending. Good luck!

Tips and Warnings:

1. Don’t expect results all at once. 
2. Don’t be disheartened if you slip-up ever now and then. 
3. Focus your goals without stressing over them.
4. Be persistent.
5. Seek medical advice before starting an exercise program. It may also be fruitful to ask about weight loss ideas or helpful tips from your doctor as well especially if you suffer from a particular illness.
6. Remember…if at first you don’t succeed, try and try, again!
7. Have fun!

Good luck and we wish everyone a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!



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