How to Make And Use Fairy Dust

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Making fairy dust to attract fairies, use in magical spells, or just to help you enchant your surroundings is very easy to make. Most of the ingredients in fairy dust can be purchased in a craft store. The bottle can either be one found in a thrift store or a clean spice jar. The ingredients you will need are:


fine iridescent or opalescent glitter

fine pale blue glitter

fine pale pink glitter

fine pale lavender glitter

a small glass bottle, approximately 3” tall with a cork stopper

½ yard of 1/4” wide green satin ribbon


Blend the vials of glitter together by pouring them all at once into the glass jar. Place the cork stopper on top, making sure it is secure. Shake the bottle vigorously for a minute, keeping your hand over the stopper while shaking so that it does not fall out. Look through the bottle to make sure all of the colors are blended. If they appear to be well blended, the next step is to tie the green ribbon around the neck of the bottle. Green is the color the fairies love best, and this will be sure to attract them. Don’t forget to tie the ribbon into a bow. Now your fairy dust is ready to use!


To attract fairies:


Walk out into your backyard. Quiet your mind, and do not speak, but look for an area that looks as if it might be inhabited by fairies. Remove the stopper on the bottle and toss a pinch of the fairy dust onto the area. Quietly say:


“Come forth, fairies and pixies of the woods, so that I may see you!” Remain still for as long as you can, and you might glimpse these shy creatures for a moment in their habitat.


For magical spell use:


Fairy dust can be added to a gris-gris bag along with the other items used in the spell. Don’t forget to consecrate the fairy dust in the same way you consecrate your other ritual objects before using.


To enchant your surroundings:


All of us need that special place to think, dream, and quietly develop our inner selves. That place can be either your bedroom, den, or patio. If you want to make that place extra serene, toss a pinch of the dust in the area.







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