Fun Bridal Shower Games

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One of your loved ones is getting married and guess what? You’re in charge of the bridal shower! Of course one thing you want to provide is entertainment for the bride and her guests, such as fun games. The games all about having fun with the bride before she walks down the aisle. But are you having any trouble coming up with any fun games to play? Well don’t worry, because there are hundred of games you can choose from, from silly to serious.

Here are a few ideas for fun bridal shower games to play at your loved one’s bridal shower.

Game #1: Testing The Bride’s Knowledge Of The Groom.
This game will test of bride’s knowledge of her soon-to-be husband. Before the party, have someone ask the groom a bunch of questions. These questions can include where was he born, what is his favorite food, where he went to school, what his favorite color is, what kind of music he likes, what his first job was, and so on. When it’s game time at the bridal shower, ask the bride all of the questions about her husband to be and see how many she gets correct. You can also give her a prize or gift for doing well.

Game #2: Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses.
For this game, you need to separate the guests into teams consisting of two to five people. Give each team one or two rolls of toilet paper and have them make a wedding dress out of it. Each team will have one team member modeling the toilet paper wedding dress. Provide each team with dress up items such as jewelry, shoes, hats, and gloves to accessorize with. Give the teams a time limit (5 to 10 minutes is a good time frame). When the time is up, have the bride vote on which dress is the best. You can give out prizes for the winning team. You can give one prize to the winning team, or a smaller prizes for the other teams and a bigger prize for the winning team.

Game #3: Making The Bride Dress While Blindfolded.
Here is another of the many fun bridal shower games. The bride will pretend she is on her honeymoon and they have lost power. Blindfold her and provide her with a suitcase full of items, but do not let her know what the items are. She must get dressed within a certain time period. Make sure the suitcase is full of silly items such as silly hats and jewelry, a nightgown, garden or rubber gloves, oversized sunglasses, mismatched shoes, and more. When the time is up, snap a picture. Then, let her take off the blindfold and show her what she looks like!

Game #4: Purse Items Game.
This game is more for the guests now than the bride. In this game, everyone who wants to participate will put their purses in the middle of the room. Then, create a list of items that are usually found in a purse. Create a point value for the list. For example, cosmetics can be 2 points, personal care products can be 3 points, and sunglasses or a hairbrush can be 5 points. But then give the less common products a higher point value. For example, a type of food (such as a granola bar) can be 10 points and a type of office product (such as staple remover or even a hole puncher) can be 15 points. Once you have the items and point value established, go through each purse and award the points to anyone who has a certain item on the list. Whoever has the highest amount of points will get a prize.

Game #5: Bridal Shower Gift Bingo.
Create some bingo cards before the bridal shower begins. In the squares, put pictures or write out items you may think the bride may receive as a bridal shower gift. So there may be lingerie, towels, candles, jewelry, bath products, chocolates, and so on. As the bride opens her gifts, have the guests mark off the item on their bingo card. The first person to get a “bingo” will receive a prize. If nobody gets a “bingo” by the time the bride is done opening her gifts, then the person who has marked of the most items will get a prize.

Game #6: Remembering The Bride’s Outfit.
About 30 minutes or so into the party, have the bride leave the room. Pass out pieces of paper and a pen or pencil. Have everyone write down everything they can remember about the bride’s outfit, including her apparel, accessories, hair style, and even make-up. Once everyone is done with their lists, have the bride come back into the room. The person who has remembered the most about her outfit will receive a prize.

There you go. Instead of having very little to no ideas, you now have six fun bridal shower games to consider! You can play the games the way they are written out for you, change them a little, or use them as ideas to create your own fun bridal shower games. Regardless of how you do it, the key is for everyone to have a lot of fun!
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