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To start you don’t grind skills in Eve by killing monsters, instead you have a skill que that will train skills over time. So even when you don’t have access to Eve constantly or feel like playing at the moment you can have your skills training for you. The grind in Eve is based on its game currency which is ISK.  The reason grinding ISK isn’t tedious is because there is so many ways to achieve it. You can kill NPC’s, kill players and take their loot, you can ransom players who want to keep their precious ship, you can also mine and manufacture to fuel the game economy or even scam players legally.

The Fun:

Eve like almost any Massively Multiplayer Online game can be addicting. The instant gratification or long term rewards can keep players coming back for years.  With so many things to do players rarely see fit to leave unless they we’re overly attached to that ship they just lost muhahaha.


The graphics are hit and miss in eve. The ship textures and models are not very pretty and weapon effects can be mildly ugly. On the other hand the universe is beautiful, every solar system has a beautiful and cortex burning sun, pretty planets, and inhabitable wormholes can have cosmic anomalies like pulsars that are truly magnificent to stare at for hours.

Game play:

You name it Eve has it. Everything from Player vs. player combat to sitting inside a space station all day building ships and weapons to sell to the more aggressive players.  Game play is eve’s strongest suit. Unfortunately 1000 ship battles are no longer possible due to a terrible lag issue that arrived with the latest EVE expansion.  But the game developers CCP are working diligently to fix the issue. Next year CCP plans to release an expansion giving you a customizable 3D avatar which will be able to walk in space stations and interact with other players.


Weapons sound nice the EVE soundtrack is filled with nice ambience tracks. The EVE juke box supports mp3 music files for customization.

Replay Value:

Eve is a mmo and you can never run out of things to do. But it is possible your interest will fade after paying 15 dollars a month for your subscription.


Eve is great in my bias opinion but don’t take my word for it instead EVE offers a 14 day trial to new players.

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