Dealing With a Rebellious Teenager

The teen years can be a time of turmoil in many households. In the years leading up to becoming young adults, many teens go through a rebellious stage and some days they are impossible to live with. Here are some tips to keep your home from turning into a war zone.

1- No matter how your teen is, try and keep your patience. Raised voices lead to yelling and yelling often gets out of control. Be firm without raising your voice.

2- Insist that rules be followed and follow through with punishment if rules are broken.

3- Teens, especially girls, can be moody. Try not to take it personally. Teens are desperately trying to break free of needing mom and dad and often need you to just listen.

4- Even if your teen protests, pay attention to who their friends are and be involved. Insist upon knowing where they are going and with whom.

5- Make sure that your teen has responsibilities at home and remember to give positive reinforcement as well as negative. Teens do not often hear enough of what they do right and will appreciate hearing it.

6- Never allow your teen to be abusive towards you or other family members. If they become that out of control and you cannot calmly discuss it afterwards, you may need to seek professional help. Depression can be a reason for a teen acting out.

7- It is normal for teens to say that they hate their parent/parents at times. It usually means that you are doing your job by enforcing rules or restrictions.

8- Never fall for the line “but my friends can go” or anything similar. First of all, your rules are your rules and secondly, teens are not always truthful. Knowing your teen’s friends parents and having communication with them can help in situations like this.

9- Allow your teen to have their space but also insist on family time. Having dinner together as often as schedules allow keeps a family talking or atleast eating together.

10- As your teen grows in confidence, they will stop being so rebellious and will start to mature and grow into being the young adult that you fought for them to be.

The teen years can be hard, but sometimes it is a time where parents need to pay the most attention to help keep them on the right road.

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