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From this day on for at least the rest of the summer (maybe longer if successful and favorited) I plan on improving my dream recall by blogging about each dream as soon as I wake up each morning. Every night we dream multiple times but after each dream our memory erases it. The only real method to remembering a dream is waking up before it has run its course that is why we remember nightmares so vividly when we are scared awake or we remember dreams because our alarm clock has woken us. So yes dreams are pretty interesting but the real gem is ‘lucid dreaming’ which I will cover before I go over this morning’s dream.

Lucid Dreaming:

Lucid dreaming can be one of the greatest experiences of your night life if properly practiced. Have you ever been in a dream and suddenly it hits you like that freight train in the movie inception, YOUR DREAMING! Now the excitement of this discovery can often wake you up but sometimes in deep sleep you may have had the pleasure of remaining in the dream. After becoming lucid your dream becomes clearer and you have control over it and then you can explore anything from your darkest sexual desires, visit places you’ve seen on tv, manifest people you wish to see again or possibly just enjoy the fun of flying like superman. Since my blog has to be 250 words minimum I will post tricks and tips I’ve learned about achieving a lucid dream and ways to control and make them last longer. If you don’t wish to wait for my tips I suggest you look at the site Dream views. It has a nice supportive community and lots of helpful information on Lucid dreaming.

Last night’s dream:

This one dream was brilliantly fun. I didn’t become lucid even though I can’t believe my mind didn’t tune into the fact it was so bizarre.  I work at a department store and one of my jobs is collecting shopping carts from the parking lot. So there I was in the middle of the night in the large parking lot we have when suddenly a S.U.V type vehicle blast across the parking lot and I can hear gunfire and see muzzle flashes coming from the car. I immediately go into fight mode and fire back but to my amusement I was firing back with wicker broomsticks that oddly seemed to be very effective at laying down automatic fire on the S.U.V. As I became aware my broomsticks had no trigger to actually shoot I began shouting ‘BANG’ whenever I wanted to shoot. Luckily with how our subconscious works this ‘BANG’ sound managed to produce the desired effect. I woke up soon after dropping a few asian looking bad guys sporting  some sort of projectile weapons that I can’t recall.


I don’t believe dreams have meanings. But my goal is to get as many lucid dreams as I can. What I can learn from last nights dream is that my subconscious is constantly working to produce the desired outcome I was looking for for example shouting ‘BANG’ made my broom sticks fire and my belief this would kill the bad guy made it so they would fall down after being shot.  This sort of dream control is helpful for whenever I become lucid because my mind works like the Matrix, If I believe it is so it will be.

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