Why a Mediterranean Diet is Good For You

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There has been a lot written about what the best diet is for optimum health and healthy weight loss but knowing what is best for you is the hardest part. The Mediterranean Diet is easy to follow and boasts many benefits. Here are some facts about this lifestyle plan so you can incorporate all or some in it into your life.

Fruits and Vegetables.

The Mediterranean Diet suggests up to 10 servings a day of fruits and vegetables. To some people this sounds extreme. This could actually work well for dieters because many fruits and vegetables contain a high amount of fiber. Fiber keeps you feeling fuller longer and aids in digestion. It takes little preparation and is easy to eat on the go. The health benefits of eating less processed foods are that you will be getting most of the goodness of the fruits or vegetables by not it processed versions of them.

Grains and Beans.

Both are high in fiber which again, is a plus for dieters. Beans can also be a high-protein meat substitute. The Mediterranean diet limits red meat and beans are a very healthy substitute that are easy to prepare.

Meats and Fish.

The Mediterranean diet leans towards being a more vegetarian diet. Fish and chicken are recommended but in much smaller amounts than you may be used to. The meals should revolve around the fruits, vegetables, grains and beans with the lean meat or fish eaten sparingly.


Dairy items are also eaten sparingly on the Mediterranean diet. Calcium is needed in our diets but they look towards dark green leafy vegetables and nuts for their calcium intake.


Olive oil is used in the Mediterranean diet. This oil is a healthy oil but is high in calories.

The Mediterranean diet has been shown to be great for weight loss, especially stubborn belly fat and it can reduce your risks of certain cancers, heart disease and build strong bones. It is worth a try to incorporate some of the Mediterranean diet’s healthier eating ideas in your lifestyle.


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