Getting a Marriage License in Warrick County Indiana

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You have proposed, set the date for the wedding and rented the hall, what is next?  In  Indiana, you are required to have a marriage license and it is only good for 60 days, so there is some additional planning that needs to take place. According to the Warrick County website, “the term ‘clerk’ is derived from the Latin word ‘CLERICUS’ (clergyman). Its application to a particular officer of a court has its origin in the historical fact that in the early days of England.”  For the residents of Boonville, Newburgh, Chandler, Lynnville, Elberfeld and Tennyson the Warrick County Clerks office is where you will need to go. It is located at the WarrickCounty Judicial Center, One County Square, Suite 200, Boonville, IN 47601

Things needed:

  • Parental consent if under 18 years

  • Driver’s license or birth certificate

  • Information on parents

  • Previous Marriage information, if applicable

  • Cash or Money Order

  1. Apply for your marriage license at the Warrick County Clerk’s office if you live in Boonville, Newburgh, Chandler, Lynnville, Elberfeld and Tennyson Indiana. The clerk will ask you questions and enter all the information on the states website. The clerk will then print it out and review it with you before issuing the license.

  2. Take your Driver’s license or birth certificate to prove you are at least 18 years old. If under 18 years old, parents will need to be present, and give their consent.

  3.  Answer questions the clerk will ask, such as, parent’s full name and mother’s maiden name. Where were your parents born? The date the marriage was final, if you have been married before. This refers to marriages ending from a divorce, annulment or death.

  4. Pay the required fee with cash or money order.  At the present time the fee is $18.00.


  • Office open Monday-Friday 8 am-4 pm Arrive no later than 3:30 pm as it takes approximately 30 minutes.
  • At least one of the bridal party needs to be a resident of Warrick County.
  • License is good for 60 days and can be used any where in the state of Indiana.
  • For additional information you can call, Sarah Topper, 812- 897-6160.
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