Ways to Buy Healthier Pre-Packaged Foods

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There are those times where you may be tempted to purchase a frozen dinner. The convenience is very tempting- just pop it in the microwave and you have a quick meal. The problem is that many frozen dinners are not healthy but the good news is that there are some healthy frozen dinners in your frozen food aisle. You need to be a smart shopper and know how to read a package label and determine what really is a healthy frozen dinner.

Don’t be fooled by the brand name.

Healthy Choice, Lean Cusine, Kashi and others are brands that may sound healthier but you still need to check out the ingredients. Turn the box over before you buy it based on the name alone.


Look for a frozen dinner that contains vegetables, especially green ones over starches. The more vegetables, the healthier the frozen dinner will be.


Look for a high fiber content. Anything with 4 grams or more per serving is good.


Check that there is no high fructose corn sugar in the frozen dinner.


Especially if you have medical conditions like high blood pressure you need to pay attention to the sodium amounts in your frozen dinner. A good frozen dinner should have 500 mg or less.


Six grams or less per serving is ideal. Make sure there is no trans fat. Hint- in the ingredients look for hydrogenated or fractionated oils, stay away from these!

Ideally, you should cook a healthy meal from home but sometimes it is easier to pick up a frozen dinner. You can find a healthier frozen dinner but you need to read the back of the package.


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