How to Get Free or Low-Cost Prescriptions

For many people, being able to afford the prescription medicine that they need is a challenge. Many employers have cut back on the health insurance coverage that they offer to employees and some people have no coverage for prescriptions at all. If you have no prescription coverage and need to take medication, there are resources to help.

1- The first step is to write down the names of your medicine/medicines that you need to take. For some medications, a generic equivalent is not an option, but for many this can be a way of saving money on the medications that you need.

2- Find out what pharmaceutical company makes your medication. All you need to do to find this out is to do an internet search and type in the name of the medication.

3- You can go directly to the pharmaceutical company’s website. Many companies will provide you your medication for free if you meet certain income guidelines. They also have programs to give you a discount on medication as long as you meet certain guidelines.

4- Another option is to go directly to a website that lists many programs that offer free or discounted prescription drugs. You fill out a quick survey in order to be directed to programs that you may qualify for. For some of these programs you can have health insurance but no prescription coverage. The Partnership for Prescription Assistance helps by directing you towards programs and from there you fill out a form in order to get qualified. It will list your medications to see if the program covers them.

There is help out there to get your prescription medications for free or at a reduced cost. No one needs to risk their health because they cannot afford medicine that they need.


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