How to Find Unclaimed Money

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Finding unclaimed money is easier than ever before. With so many people strapped for cash, doing a search to see if you are due money is easy to do. Money from unclaimed paychecks, inheritances and other sources is out there just waiting to be claimed. Here are some tips on how to see if you have money that is unclaimed.

NAUPA (National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators) has a website –

This website has links to where to look for sites that can help you to find unclaimed money from bank accounts, stocks, paychecks, inheritances and other sources.

Search tips.

For women especially, search using your maiden name and any variations that you may have used over the years. For men who may be juniors, search using jr. after your name also. Don’t forget about middle names. You may have forgotten that you used it in the past.

Deceased relatives.

You can use the names of your deceased relatives when searching for unclaimed money. Remember to use maiden names and all variations of their names also to increase your chances of finding money that was due to them.

Two free sites. and both will help you in your search without charging any fees. Be wary of sites that charge a fee to help you to find unclaimed money. Any government site has tips on scams and how to avoid them when looking for money that is owed to you.

Statistics show that the average amount claimed is around $150 but if it is your money, why not claim it? Start a bank account for savings and keep track of it so you don’t lose it this time around.


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