How to Prepare Salmon And Caper Sauce

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There are many people out there who love seafood! While some people like to buy their seafood at the grocery store, others may like to catch the fish themselves. Once they do obtain their seafood, they can cook it up, serve it, and enjoy eating it!

You can find different types of seafood, such as salmon. There are various methods of cooking the seafood of your choice. So you can choose how you would like to prepare them. Once you pick your seafood and how to cook it, you can cook them up for a special occasion or just because you are in the mood for it.

If you love to cook and eat salmon, then here is a recipe you can try! This is a recipe for salmon and caper sauce. If you have never prepared your salmon this way, then do not worry. I am going to list the ingredients and materials needed, and the directions on how to prepare salmon and caper sauce.

The steps are pretty easy to follow. Once you are done, you will have just prepared a delicios salmon and caper sauce meal!

Note: Remember to always wash your hands and all materials before and after you are done cooking the meal.


1. 2 slices of salmon.
2. 1/4 lb. batter,
3. 1/2 teaspoonful of chopped parsley.
4. 1 shallot; salt, pepper, and grated nutmeg to taste.


1. A baking dish to prepare the salmon in.
2. A dish for serving the salmon.
3. Caper Sauce.


1. Always wash your hands before preparing any kind of food. This prevents germs from spreading and getting into the food.

2. Lay out all of your materials first, to make cooking easier so you do not have to go back & forth.

3. Lay the salmon inside of the baking dish.

4. Next, place slices of the butter on the salmon.

5. Add the rest of the ingredients over the fish.

6. Rub a little of the seasoning into the fish.

7. Baste the salmon in the ingredients often.

8. When you are finished basting the salmon, take it out of the baking dish and drain it for about one to two minutes.

9. When you are done draining it, lay the salmon on the dish you plan to serve it on.

10. Pour caper sauce over the salmon, serve it up, and eat it!

The time it should take to prepare this meal should be about 3/4 of an hour.

So there you have it, an easy to cook and delicious way to serve your salmon. It does not take too long to prepare, and when served with caper sauce, this can turn a plain old salmon into a delightful meal that just about everyone will love.

Now that you know how to prepare salmon and caper sauce, you can make it for dinner, parties, cook-outs, or just about any occasion! Serve it with sides or just on its own.

Your family and friends will love salmon and caper sauce! So have fun cooking, enjoy it, and eat well!
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