What is Astral Projection?

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     Astral projection was once a commonly practiced skill that has been socially frowned upon for the past couple of decades.  What was once considered the norm has now become a taboo subject among family dinner tables.  People today talk about their experiences on the internet, video games, etc, yet never seem to talk about the adventures they go within their minds.  This is, as some people say, just as realistic as going on an adventure in waking life, the difference is that you are not limited within your mind.  So why do people shun this simple skill and activity?  Why is 4/5’s of America ignorant to the subject of astral projection?  It is the fault of the ego.

     Before I go in depth on the topic of the ego, I would like to quickly cover what astral projection is.  The word projection is a curious one as people tend to think your “astral body” or your “soul body” snaps out of your physical body and you enter the the physical realm invisible to others in your “soul” or “astral” body.  This is not the case, although it is possible.  People tend to think of astral projections as happening in their room or wherever their physical body might be, which is not necessarily the case.  Most people, even experienced astral projectors, believe the OBE’s (out of body experiences) they have are within the physical.  That is not true.  When one declares their mind to be in the physical world (whether they believe it in the physical body or not) then that person restrains themselves to the physical world.  Your mind, or rather your awareness, is not native to the physical world.  So one might ask what is beyond the physical world?  Hidden within what our minds perceive as the “real world” is another world.  A world with infinite possibilities and infinite probabilities.  This is the astral, where anything our mind thinks is created.  Where we are not alone and other “astral” or “soul” bodies are experiencing the astral as well as we are.  The astral is a giant sandbox with space and time non-existing.  So then, what is projection?  Projection is the act of focusing one’s awareness to an external place or position.  An easy projection exercise is to focus your awareness six inches in front of you.  To do this, act as if you are listening to whatever is six inches in front of you.

     Now that we have a basic understanding for what astral projection is, let’s take a second to observe the ego.  In every human there is a force that drives us to succeed in the terms of providing for our physical bodies.  We need food, water, and shelter.  So in order for our brains to be able to look for and attain these necessities, our bodies developed and created the ego.  At first, the ego led us to a hunter/gatherer society which allowed us to attain these basic needs.  But as the human body grew and the mind learned, we began to manipulate objects and tools to eventually give us buildings and places to live, such as beavers building dams.  After this happened, we created something no other animal has created, and it was created purely for the fact of attaining our needs: money.  We created money to get us what we want.  Bartering food for water became a thing of the past and our ego’s adapted to drive us to attain money as well.  So we began to develop the need to attain money.  This is a fault of the ego, a section of the mind that gives us fear, an emotion created to save our physical bodies from harm.  In today’s times people fear of not having enough money.  Why is this so?  The ego creates that fear on a subconscious level so that we have no control of the level of fear.  We are scared not to make money because in turn it means we cannot provide our bodies with food, shelter, and water.  Our brains are wired to accept anything the ego tells us is real.  

     We have a foundation of what the ego is and what astral projection is.  Now one must wonder what these have to do with eachother, something that I will attempt to explain.  Why don’t people know much about astral projection?  This is because the ego which we created to attain food, water, and shelter, forces the mind to not see or understand astral projection.  This is because the skill of astral projection, as opposed to the many other skills used by our physical bodies, does not in any way help us to attain the three basic needs of food, water, and shelter.  “So what?”  Average Joe might say, “I am thinking of astral projection now and my mind isn’t forcing it from me?”  That is where Average Joe is wrong.  You see, the ego operates on a subconscious level, meaning that it affects your subconscious or your deepest ideas and beliefs.  So the ego will do anything in its power to stop you from projecting, which can appear in a number of symptoms.  One symptom is the fear of leaving the body.  During your first projection, you might feel fear on a level never dreamt of.  This is one way your ego tries to divert your attention from astral projection so you can focus on more clear things such as money.  The ego will do anything to stop you and will even go as far as to scare you to your deepest bone in waking life and do anything in its power to direct your attention towards jobs, money, bills, etc.  

     The world revolves around our ego.  Our mind created the ego to keep the physical body alive, so why would you want to destroy it just so you can astral project?  You aren’t.  To astral project normally and without fear, one must first reconstruct the basis of your ego, which I will describe in another article.  So astral projection is viewed by the public as taboo and declared by skeptics as “possible but improbable” because of the ego.  Something as small as a need of water grew into something as large as corporations, money, governments, and infrastructure.  All due to the ego.  So yes, the ego has kept us alive by supressing our passions (things which we do because we like to, not because we turn profits) and enlarging our fear.  The only way to happiness is to follow our passions and reprogram our ego.


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