When Visualizations, Affirmations, And Positive Thinking Doesn't Work

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We have become a master race at intellectual thinking. We have the capacity to intellectualize everything. By setting our emotions aside we have learned how to define the purpose of the heart, the blooming of a flower, the romance in love, the smile of a child, the purpose of our world, and our next intellectual project is defining the purpose of the Universe. How vain are we? The overwhelming evidence the purpose of everything is Love has somehow escaped our notice. This is even occurring in our spiritual purpose and physical direction we want our lives to take. It is obvious, something is terribly wrong.
Is it possible to override deception with a visualization or affirmation? Is it possible to think positively when a frame of emotional reference has been steeped in despair? How long does this take? It is obvious these techniques work, because they have been used by others in the past to obtain results. The question that is being ignored is this; is possible to override internal darkness by using methods that worked well for others in the past. A Course in Miracles tells us, “if you use what has worked well for others, you will never find what was made for you.” This being the case, then how can we possibly learn what will work for us if we do not use what was made for us? If we wear someone else’s glasses, how does that work? If we take medicine that belongs to someone else, how well does that work? Yet we believe we can use spiritual plan that worked for someone else and assign this to ourselves. By some stroke of genius we have applied to the most creative process in the Universe someone else’s plan. What are we thinking? A spiritual plan, just like a medicine, is specific. Taking 2 aspirin and calling in the morning may fix a hangover, but it is not going to fix the depression or anxiety of not having what you want.
Our mind is so full of what we think we know, when we add something else, we do not fix it, we merely add to the problem. For many years, I attempted to use methods that worked for others. I became so confused and programed my mind to do things that only added to the problem. This is because I did not want to look at the emotional pain I had buried. It was so ugly, all I wanted to do was add a pretty picture on top of it, say pretty words to keep from looking at it, and attempt to make positive statements to further bury the emotional pain. As it turned out, none of this worked. Our emotions come from our spirit, and they are what give us life. Burying them is like burying someone alive. Imagine the terror of being buried alive. Do we really believe we can hide inside what is buried alive with a pretty picture, or a pretty word? It is time to give our emotions the value they deserve.
Now, I am not saying that visualization, affirmations, and positive thinking will not work. What I am saying is that they take a long time to work. In essence, I had to forge my own path to find my way, but at the end of the journey, I am psychologically healthy. This is now my purpose, to share this with others so they can find their OWN Plan to find the emotional energy to fuel their purpose.
The path I followed required setting goals according to higher standards, which allowed me to address the emotional conflicts interfering with the goal I had set. A goal that is set with the purpose of holiness requires healing the emotional trauma preventing the goal from happening. As I learned to follow the plan that was made for me to heal the internal emotional trauma, I found my mind opening to One Wholeness Now. The one who defined what I wanted was me, but the One Who defined the Plan to reach what I wanted came from Higher Consciousness.
I had all of the pieces needed to complete a Whole puzzle because I was born with them, but I was not making use of the Plan to use miracles to bring all of the aspects of the emotions necessary to put the puzzle together in Wholeness. These were fragmented all over my body, and each one represented a separate problem. Each time an emotional healing happened, I moved closer to my goal. As I did so, the true ability of my purpose opened.
What emotional trauma hides is a much greater ability than the flimsy physical purpose we assign.
I have learned, I cannot explore all of my options without the emotional ability to be wholly joyous. Being wholly joyous is opening me up to virtual integrity, for it is only possible to be wholly joyous when emotional integrity is restored. The bits and pieces I once used to spur on personal belief are nothing compared to whole joy. Whole joy is unlimited in its application. This gives joy a Universal assignment to be shared with everyone. Is this the purpose of the Universe our science gives?
I also now recognize, the only application of time that is real is Now. This is not the now I have believed in, for this application of now only applies to past emotional pain that has not been healed. This is fragmented time and as used to perpetuate what I did not want. How could I find joy in emotional pain?
This application of Now is referred to as real time. You know. this is where we use artificial intelligence, or technology, to define how we are supposed to feel intellectually good. The problem is, technology doesn’t care how we feel. In artificial intelligence, we can make virtual cartoon figures that can do anything we want. These can mimic how we want to feel, but this is make believe and also a false virtual identity made with a machine.
The reason we do not work at the same speed as artificial intelligence is because our emotional quotient is emotionally immature. The whole emotional quotient of Love we were born with has been fragmented; “and all of the kings horses, and all of the kings men, cannot put it back together again.”
A Whole Plan to put all of the fragmented pieces of Love are already within us. We just have not figured out how the pieces fit together. There is a Plan, but the Plan is specific and requires your participation. The next step in evolution is a learning to apply a Whole Virtual Expression of Perfect Love by removing harmful past influences still affecting our emotional ability to propel consciousness into the next level of consciousness.
When I began my Plan, it was with the specific intent of helping others by using what I had learned. This has taken 20 years, but more specifically the last 10 has been especially difficult. Now I know. Now I have what is necessary to help others put together a whole plan to release their emotional pain to become wholly emotionally functional in real time. This is a virtual profile with a perfectly functioning emotional ability to propel their consciousness to what they want.


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